Pacific Trade International
 (Together We Succeed)

Together we succeed "

About us

About us

Vision Mission Statements

We strictly follow the Eight Fold Path of Buddha when we practice our business  with our customers.

The Eight Fold Path are:

1. Right Understanding   We understand our customer exactly the way we understand ourselves. So, we treat our all customers equally with fair 
                                           and honest.
2. Right Thought              We do not make any judgement to our any customers regardless of any religion, race or region. 
3. Right Speech                We  always try our best to communicate with our customers in a polite and cordial manner with full respect. 
4. Right Action                  We act in accordance with the prevailing act and laws of the Country and fully comply with International Business Rules                                              and Regulations.
5.Right Livelihood            Our aim is to contribute for a better livelihood in the world  with equal opportunity for all for a sustainable 
                                            economy and happy life.
6. Right Effort                    Right Effort is the energetic will to prevent evil and unwholesome states of mind from arising, and to get rid of such evil                                               and unwholesome states that have already arisen within a man. We always put our Right Effort when we render our                                                   services to our customers.
7.Right Mindfulness         Right Mindfulness or Attentiveness is to be diligently aware, mindful and attentive with regard to the activities  of the                                                   body, sensations, or feelings, mind and ideas, thoughts, conceptions and things. We always act with Right Mindfulness                                               when we deal with our customers.
8. Right Concentration     We always focus on our duties and responsibilities to avoid any unexpected results to our customers as well as for                                                     ourselves.

We are a company based in Vancouver Canada. For more than 20 years, we have been helping businesses with our international trade expertise. We work with manufacturers and suppliers in a number of important industries, including energy, mining, steel, high tech, medical equipment, and         chemicals.

We Make Business Happen

We not only create the distribution pipeline that helps ensure success for products and services, but we cut through the red tape that makes international trade the most challenging and rewarding business in the world.

We believe that Working Together is the key to Succeed

It’s easy to dream big, but realizing your goals can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to find your own way in a difficult and challenging international trade market. It is sometime very frustrating for end buyers and sellers to deal with various unauthorized trade brokers or agents. But with us as a part of your team who has Global Networked Associates, you can fully rely on us to meet your all requirement. We believe that Working Together is the key to Success. And we can’t imagine our success without making our clients to succeed,  first.

"Together We Succeed"